Brief History

Maxride Rubber Private Limited, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various ranges of High Quality Tubes, Flap and Curing Bag. Shortly after its establishment, Maxride earned its reputation as one of the best quality Tubes producer and supplier in India. We leverage latest & innovative technology alongside a process of quality control to manufacture the best Tubes in India

While we function from India, our network of sales & distribution offices exist in more than 100 cities, we started exporting butyl tubes to multiple countries in 2017. We enjoy a dominant presence in several continents including Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia

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Our Mission

We strongly believe that customer is the king. Our prime mission is to be able to match the customer needs in the most fulfiling way & be able to optimize as per the market & industry requirements. We are dedicated to engineering an all-inclusive range of high quality & affordable tubes

Our Vision

We strive to become a global market Leader in the Tube industry with our high quality and reasonably priced products and services. We strive to see Maxride as the foremost preference of all the automobile owners. We continue to expand our product portfolio and services to be the one and final stop for butyl tubes


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Quality Assurance System

We at maxride believe that the only way to establish positive customer relationship is by delivering products of premium quality

Accurate Testing Processes

We test all our products before releasing them for sale and we have an exclusive department for managing product complaints

optimized production
Infrastructure Integration Technology

We use technological advancements to our aid by automating production processes, inventory management and for managing our network